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Soravia for love of the ice!

Soravia was founded in 1948 out of love of ice cream. This passion guarantees the best - quality ingredients for producing our ice cream. In three generations we have developed a keen sense for the preferences of ice cream lovers. And this intuition is the perfect solution for ice cream parlour owners who, like us, wish not only to fulfill every customers wants, but hopes to exceed them. We have chosen Cologne, commonly referred to as the northern most outpost of the Mediterranean, as our headquarters, knowing that a healthy portion of ,,la dolce vita” is an essential ingredient when producing ice cream. From the heart of Europe, we reliably supply customers throughout Germany within 48 hours of receiving orders. The same applies to our customers in the Netherlands, Belgium and rest of Europe. In addition to a comprehensive selection of dairy, fruit and special pastes, we have over the years succeeded in creating ice creams that satisfy even the most curious tastes.

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Raw materials for ice cream

Everything you need
for a successful ice cream parlour



Basis ice cream powder • Ice cream pastes • Ice cream powder • Milk & cocoa & co. • Aromas • Super top variegates


Sirup topping • Creamy sirup topping • Ice cream liqueurs • Fruits in alcohol • Waffles • Articles for decoration

Cups & Co.

ORGANIC cups for ice cream • Paper cups for ice cream • Plastic cups for ice cream • Coffee and drinking cups • ORGANIC spoons and plastic spoons • ORGANIC straws and plastic straws • Wrapping paper, napkins, trays of paper

Café & Bar

Coffee • Waffles • Crêpes • Liqueurs

News 2019

Bio Eisbecher Pappe

bio ice cream cup paper

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Bio Eisbecher PLA

bio ice cream cup PLA

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Bio Trinkhalme

bio straws

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Bio Eisspaten

bio square ice cream spoons

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NEWS 2019

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Bio Eislöffel

bio coffee & tea spoons

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Schokolade rosa

Speciality ice cream paste
rosa chocolate
cioccotata rosa

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Bio PLA Becher

Iceflips / toppings
caramel Mou
caramello mou

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Soravia since 1948


ice paste Eispasten gelato Soravia

mascarpone fig

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ice paste Eispasten gelato Soravia

quark pomegranate

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ice paste Eispasten gelato Soravia

quark almond honey

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